Saturday, March 08, 2008


We got about 4 or 5in. of snow last night here in Ashland City. I dont think Nashville got near this much. That is what we get for living north of Nashville!! Well, I tried to find a sled all day yesterday but didnt succeed, so I had to "redneck it", which I am not ashamed to do!! Lucy is sledding on a Tupperware lid! She didnt really like it but looked too cute! Jason says she looks like a gay leopard in this jacket!

Poor thing! She looks like she is saying please let me inside where it's warm!


Erica said...

How can a girl look gay in leopard print? That just don't make sense. It better snow in South Cackalacky next year!

DogLady ( said...

Lucy is featured at the Daily Doxie.